A Guide to Printing Services in Singapore

Printing services Singapore have become more commonplace, and with demands at an all-time high, finding one should not be too difficult. Before you contact one however, it’s essential you learn what types of services are available so you can prepare beforehand. Printing is basically the process of reproducing images and / or text on a surface such as paper, but there’s more to it than that.

Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to digital image reproduction on a physical surface such as paper, plastic, cloth, film, photographic paper and so on. Although it bears some resemblance to lithographic printing, digital printing differs in many respects.

  • All impressions made on the physical surface can be unique, so there’s no need to use the same impression from a single plate set.
  • The toner or ink is not absorbed in the physical surface, but instead is a new layer.
  • Digital printing doesn’t generate as much waste as traditional print methods, and doesn’t require as many papers or chemicals either.
  • Digital printing is also ideal for prototyping.

While digital printing is still somewhat new it is rapidly gaining ground in Singapore because with it you can send graphics and text from your computer to the press, doing away with plates and typesetting. Digital printing is particularly effective for short run jobs that need quick turnarounds.

Check out this video to find out the process.

Emboss Printing

Embossing refers to a printing method whereby a 3D or raised image is set on paper. Printing services use two methods for embossing, dry and heat embossing. Dry or relief embossing is done with a stencil, stylus or other instruments, while heat embossing relies on a heat source and a special powder or ink. Heat embossing is a special procedure that creates an impression on a surface, and it may be convex (like the exterior of a sphere) or concave (inward similar to a bowl).

Embossing may be used on textiles or other surfaces such as tissue paper, diapers, napkins and other products. In printing, the process is applied as an accent and often used with either blind embossing or color embossing. The procedure is also compatible with foil stamping, and all of these methods employ die and counter die, and thanks to technology there are no longer any restrictions with regards to size.


Flexography is the process used to print text and graphics on can and bottle labels, gift wraps, grocery and plastic bags and other packaging materials. In flexography, special presses use flexible relief plates which are connected to a print cylinder. While the techniques are new, it is basically the modern letterpress and it can be used to print on just about any substrate such as paper, cellophane, metallic films, plastic and so on.

In Singapore, this method is widely used to print on non-porous substrates necessary for food packing, and flexography is also suitable for printing large solid colors. There was a time when flexography was considered as a specialty service, but more and more printing services now offer it. Aside from its use on food packaging, flexography printing is used on gift wrappers, business forms, phone directories, paperback books, newspaper inserts, magazines, wall covering and more.

Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printing is a procedure that uses a toner and a charged drum which is then thermally fused to the printing surface. In a sense electrostatic printing is similar to photocopying and is ideal for short printing runs. What makes the process different is that it prints without contact, ink or type form. Under this procedure, paper is covered with a fine layer of zinc oxide, turning it into an insulator in darkness and an electrical conductor in the light.

Gravure Printing

This is a high quality but expensive printing method that involves direct contact between the paper and an etched copper plate. It’s the plate that raises its price tag, but there’s no question this method is very effective in producing large, high quality brochures, reports, catalogues, magazines and other materials.

Gravure allows for the production of images with tonal effects akin to photos, and because it is high quality used in magazines, pressure sensitive tablets and various packaging applications. If you’re going to produce magazines or catalogs with high circulation, gravure is the ideal choice, and it’s also useful for laminates, printed upholstery and more.

Screen Printing

Also called silk printing, this procedure puts ink in a screen to generate output like a stencil. Silk printing is frequently used in non-flat goods and is a good option to print on billboards, bumper stickers, ring blinders, t-shirt printing, jersey printing and mugs among others. The method isn’t new really, and it’s been around for centuries. However, the technology has improved through the years.

Even so, the procedure still includes forcing ink in a stencil covered wire mesh or fabric. Under this procedure, the ink goes into the opening and is placed in a printing surface just under the frame. Screen printing is very versatile and capable of dealing with several applications. Compared to the other printing services, the cost is much lower, but it is slower. It can however, be used on glass, paper, wood and other surfaces.

Here is another video about screen printing process.

What to Look for in a Printing Service

There are several things you need to consider when looking for a printing service, including the following.

  • Reputation: does the company have other clients? What do Singaporean companies think about their service? What is the feedback?
  • What kind of services do they provide? Aside from those mentioned above, quality printing services also offer printing for apparel, exhibitions, display structures, wall murals and more. Other printing services include lithography, thermography, letter press, traditional printing etc. The more services provided the better.
  • Competitive price: there are many printing companies in Singapore so get a few price quotes first.

The bottom line is that when it comes to printing services Singapore you have a lot of options, and it’s simply a matter of doing some research so you can find the right one. Now that you know the printing methods used by Singaporean companies, you’ll know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask.

An Overview of Talent Management in Malaysia

Talent management allows companies to realize and acknowledge the value of employees. Talent is essential in bringing about positive change in an organization. When it comes to talent management Malaysia has plenty of companies offering solutions to organizations. Because talent is determined as the key to accomplishing important business roles, talent management is important. As such it needs to implement strategies to attract members of the workforce and be able to identify value creators within an organization.

Let start to find out what is talent management in this video.

Employee development programs as well as methods to retain and engage employees are part of an effective talent management. Also, implementing systems in accordance to the potential of employees is also needed. All this will help guide workers to perform and deliver up and above expectations. With these tools in place, individuals that can inspire, guide and lead others are identified. These individuals can then coach and develop other members of the workforces. The identified employees can also help in the process of talent management consulting.

talent management strategies

For leaders, identifying learning opportunities is important. This is essential in the success of your talent development and management. Keep in mind though that ultimately, the performance of the strategies implemented is what is important. There are different steps that help determine whether or not talent strategies used actually worked. First, talent resources must be created and designed to be used for many years. This is to provide support for the organizations’ changing needs.

Defining specific leadership needs is also an important part of telling whether the firm has done its job well. Being able to account all business strategies that can help grow the business is also needed. It is important to do this within a specific time frame, of course. This helps identify key factors of improvement and allow action.

Selecting members of the workforce with leadership skills is also needed. These employees must be developed to empower other employees and encourage people to perform better. It is also important to evaluate the willingness and dedication of these leaders to take on the role of leaders within the organization.

Choosing Reliable Malaysia Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

If you are going to start an online buy and sell clothing business, it is important to choose a reliable clothing wholesaler to partner with. If you are in Malaysia wholesale clothing suppliers are easy to find but be sure you will do background research on the suppliers you are interested in. Check if the supplier is registered with local trade offices and ask to see their license to do business in your area. If you are dealing with a legit and honest supplier with nothing to hide, they would be more than happy to provide you with the information you need.

online wholesale clothing

Verify If Online Suppliers Are Legit

online fashion wholesalerMost wholesalers these days offer their products and services online and while this is very convenient for a retailer such as yourself, this also makes you susceptible to scam companies using the anonymity of the internet to their advantage. What you can do to avoid fake wholesalers is to take a look at their email address since scam companies use free email addresses or accounts. Owners of free email accounts are almost impossible to track down but this does not mean ALL wholesalers with free email accounts are scammers. In any case, take the extra step to verify if the wholesalers really own the email address they posted on their website.

Customer Testimonials Say It All

Apart from taking the time to verify if the email address and registration of the site is legit, another way you can choose among Malaysia wholesale clothing suppliers is to find out what their previous customers have had to say about the quality of the products they sell and the services they offer. What do these previous customers say about the promptness of the wholesalers when it comes to delivery? What problems have they encountered with the wholesalers and how did the company resolve it? Naturally, you need to choose a wholesale clothing supplier that not only has been in business for a long time, but one that has the most number of positive reviews from their previous customers.

Wedding Photography in Malaysia: Tips on Hiring the Pros

It goes without saying that you should hire the most reliable wedding photographers on your big day. After all, this is one of the most memorable days of your life and you would want to be sure you will work with a company that provides the best wedding photography in Malaysia. Tip number one in hiring professionals is you need to consider recommendations from close friends or family members very seriously. It is one thing to take a look at portfolios and listen to a company representative talk, gathering firsthand information from people that actually have ‘been there, done that’ is a more reliable way to choose companies.

Wedding Photographer

Ask About the Equipment They Use

While some may argue that talent beats high-end equipment all the time, it is still best if you hire a team that could further guarantee quality because they use reliable photography equipment. Ask if they use Stedicams so your photos would not come out blurred; aerial cameras if you want to get more dramatic photos from an elevated area; ask how many digital cameras would be used to take photos of the event, etc. Always keep in mind that professional wedding photography services are not cheap so you better get your money’s worth and hire the services of a company that uses the latest in digital photography equipment.

Choose to Work with the Experts

Just like in any other aspect of life, those with the most experience are often the most reliable. The same goes with professional wedding photography services so it would be a good idea if you can hire companies that have been around for several years to be certain you will hire people that know what they are doing. The length of time these companies have done wedding photography in Malaysia or anywhere, for that matter is an important factor as it gives you an insight to how dependable they are. These companies would not have stayed in the industry for a long time considering how fierce competition has gotten, if they do not provide exceptional wedding photography services.

Setting Up Retail Trade Businesses

There are a number of factors to be considered before you set up a retail trade business. Knowledge and experience frontlines these factors as a lack of both would negatively affect the success of the business. This is because it would be impossible to cope with the different challenges that come with this type of business.

online retail businessThe market demand for your product is another factor you need to consider. Before you start a computer supply store for example, you need to check if there is a need for such a business in the area. It makes more sense to start this type of business in the city, where there is a bigger market.

The level of competition you will have is another important factor. Check how many similar stores exist in the area you plan to start your business. It is wiser to stay away from areas where there is more competition unless you are prepared to lower you prices and increase service quality.

Rent is another factor an aspiring retailer should look into. Normally, you should try lowering your overhead to earn more profits. Commercial rentals are more expensive in the city so you need to consider this when choosing a location. If you prefer to buy the commercial unit, you lower your monthly overhead expenses but you would require a much bigger capital.

It is important to study all your available options before starting a retail business. Make sure you have a business plan prepared before you start with your preparations.